Beyoncé Just Dropped A Line Of Valentine’s Day Merch

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“Bey mine”

Can anything possibly be better than holiday-inspired Beyoncé merch? It can—Valentine’s Day-inspired Beyoncé merch. Ahead of the Hallmark holiday next week, Bey has blessed us all with a sweet new assortment of gear for wherever Valentine's Day takes you.

T-shirts, hoodies, shorts, and phone cases with phrases such as “All Night” and “Fulfill My Fantasies” have just dropped on her website, and it’s all super cute. What do we have our eyes on? A matching cherry-printed “Bey Mine” crop top and phone case and a pair of red-and-pink “Bootylicious” gym shorts (which bring us back to our Juicy Couture days). Honestly, who needs a Valentine to keep you warm when you can swaddle yourself in love-inspired gear from the Queen herself?

The 10-piece collection ranges from $30 to $60 and is available now at Beyoncé. Take a closer look at each new piece, below, and hurry, as it’s destined to sell out ASAP.

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All Night T-Shirt, $35, available at