The 15 Must-See Movies This Fall

GIF By Lindsay Hattrick.

So. Many. Good. Films.

From YA rom-coms to biopics to classic coming-of-age stories, Hollywood's buzzy fall slate has a little something for everyone. Seriously.

With (yet another) heartfelt Timothée Chalamet performance and a horror remake that's already been hailed the most "disturbing" film of the year on the way, it seems like all those studio execs saved their best for the tail end of 2018. Honestly, it's rare to see this many heavy-hitting indie and blockbuster flicks on one list. The only downside to all this quality film? Trying to figure out where to spend your movie—especially now that MoviePass is pretty much done for. No worries though, because we did some legwork for you in terms of curating what's a must-see this fall. 

These are 15 of our top picks. Mark your calendars, and get ready to give AMC all your money.

Photo Via Netflix.

Sierra Burgess Is a Loser (September 7)
Barb finally gets real justice. Stranger Things underdog Shannon Purser stars as Sierra Burgess, a dorky high school student who comes together with her bully to catfish the guy she’s crushing on (except it’s cute and not scammy).