17 Holiday Candles That Will Make Your Home Luxe AF

We sniffed out the best ones for this holiday season

We don't know about you, but we love to receive designer candles as gifts. You know, those candles that cost way more than anything than anything ephemeral should (even if we do use their containers later as flower vases and other Instagrammable receptacles). Chances are, you know exactly what I'm talking about. According to Otherland, a whimsical direct-to-consumer candle brand that launched earlier this month, a quarter of all millennial women buy 10 or more candles per year. And since people love getting nicer-than-they-would-buy-themselves versions of their favorite things, splurging on luxury candles for your loved ones will be very appreciated.

Besides, not only are chic candles the best home décor, but they can also change the mood of your entire abode. Light up Le Labo's Palo Santo 14 Candle and get ready to manifest good intentions for the new year, dreaming of how this will be the year we take down the patriarchy; light up diptyque's Figuier and get transported to a dreamy garden where the warmth of the fig tree bark and the fresh fig leaves will shelter you from the troubles of the world, if only for a few brief, but necessary moments.

Note: If your gift recipient is a candle connoisseur, they probably have their favorites established (see above for mine!). Never fear, though, it's holiday season, which means there is a slew of new scents that have just dropped and ones that are just made for wintertime weather. Let this guide light your way to the best ones out there.

Manifest what you want for 2018 with this candle made from 13 pure plant botanicals sourced from around the world.

Sakara, The Manifestation Candle, $95, available at Sakara.