10 Indie Beauty Hair Brands We Love


From this year’s Indie Beauty Expo

Since its debut in 2015, the Indie Beauty Expo has grown into an industry powerhouse. While co-founder Jillian Wright started out showcasing around 80 brands, she now features over 250—and those are just the ones that made the cut.

While makeup and skin-care sales are both on the rise, according to WWD, hair care is the fastest growing category in prestige beauty, with DP Hue president Martin Okner declaring that “indie hair is the new makeup." Experts have theorized that the rise in hair products is analogous to greater interest in makeup, because the results of using effective products are so visually transformational.

And so in honor of the shift, for this year's Indie Beauty Expo roundup, we decided to focus on the indie hair brands we love. Ahead, check out the ones we think you should know about.

Alder New York
Beauty brand Alder New York only has two hair products available at the moment. The company has plans to expand, but in the meantime, founders Nina Zilka and David J. Krause have decided to focus their attention on perfecting what they do offer. One of which is a texture powder (kind of like a dry shampoo), which comes in a convenient baby powder-like container.

Alder New York, Texture Powder, $27, available at Alder New York.