15 Unconventional Pearls Perfect For June Birthdays


Definitely not preppy

Those who were born in June have things really good. Not only are they probably a Gemini—the best zodiac sign of all (okay, I’m biased)—but they also get not one, but three different birthstones to choose from: pearl, alexandrite, and moonstone. While all three of these gems are uniquely stunning in their own way, we can’t help but be totally entranced by the beauty of the pearl.

Pearls—the only gemstone created by living creatures—are some of the rarest gems of all. They often represent purity and innocence in different cultures all over the world and were believed by the ancient Greeks to be the hardened tears of Aphrodite, the goddess of love (which sounds quite fitting for the amazing but also low-key psychopathic Gemini).

While the pearl is considered elegant and sophisticated when worn, it tends to have a reputation to be, well, outdated (and preppy!). We’re here to prove this wrong by rounding up the coolest, most unconventional pearl pieces, perfect for both June babies and those who don’t consider Blair Waldorf their style icon.

Click through the gallery below to check out 15 pieces worthy of gifting the June-born Geminis and Cancers in your life.

Photo courtesy of Garmentory

Lizzie Fortunato, Twin Pearl Hoops, $185, available at Garmentory.