No, Matt Damon Wasn’t Killed By #MeToo, Relax

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Director Terry Gilliam says he’s been caught by the “mob”

In a new interview with AFP, director Terry Gilliam claims there is a "mob" of victims of sexual abuse who are out to get innocent men like Matt Damon. Okay, let's unpack that for a second.

Last year, Damon criticized the Me Too movement, explaining that "there’s a difference between, you know, patting someone on the butt and rape or child molestation." Thanks, Matt! Obviously, women everywhere wanted him to STFU, and now Gilliam is saying that's mean and men like Damon are the real victims in all of this.

“I feel sorry for someone like Matt Damon, who is a decent human being,” Gilliam told AFP. “He came out and said all men are not rapists, and he got beaten to death. Come on, this is crazy!”

First of all, nobody ever said "all men are rapists," so there's no need for anyone to clarify that an entire gender of people aren't predators. And women don't think that patting someone on the butt is always equivalent to child molestation, so implying they do is awkward and inaccurate. 

While all Damon faced was criticism on the internet for his thoughtless remarks, Gilliam claims he was basically murdered. "The mob is out there, they are carrying their torches and they are going to burn down Frankenstein’s castle,” he said. This kind of hyperbole—conflating criticism with being murdered by a mob? Seriously?—is ridiculous and unnecessary, and completely ignores the importance of survivors of abuse speaking out in hopes of finding justice and creating change. 

Gilliam added, “people have got to take responsibility for their own selves" and there is "no intelligence anymore" when it comes to sexual assault accusations. He thinks it's a "world of victims," claiming some women who were sexually abused by Harvey Weinstein "knew what they were doing," and that they were simply "adults with a lot of ambition." 

While it may be true that these women are ambitious adults, that ambition has nothing to do with Weinstein thinking it's appropriate to jerk off into a potted plant in front of them. And the fact that that sentence even needs to be written is why we have the #MeToo movement

The British director went on to criticize Brexit, saying, "It makes me feel like I've gotten very old and I am living through a nightmare world at the moment."

And to that, women everywhere said, "same." 

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He announced the news today

On Monday, Bernie Sanders announced that he is running for president again, after he lost the primary in 2016 to Hillary Clinton. And although he was very popular during the 2016 election, his announcement is drawing mixed reactions online.

Many of his previous supporters, including celebrities like Mark Ruffalo, were excited about him joining the 2020 race, voicing their support of his announcement.

But others seem to want him to disappear, even pretending not to know who he is. And these reactions have turned out, in some cases, to be hilarious.

The lack of excitement for his announcement may be because of the recent allegations of sexual assault which apparently occurred within his 2016 campaign, and which he claims he didn't know about. It could also be due to his base, who supported him even after he lost the primary to the detriment of Clinton's campaign.

Some are also calling out the fact that Clinton has been effectively shunned following her loss, while Sanders seems to be being welcomed back with open arms.



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The pieces will take your athleisure look to the next level

American Apparel just dropped its first activewear line since the brand's relaunch last year, and I can already tell that these looks are going to make up my entire summer wardrobe.

The new line, called FORWARD, offers a variety of styles in lightweight fabrics like flyweight satin, which is an imitation of boxing gear; lame tricot; and cotton Spandex. All of the fabrics feature a four-way stretch, making the clothes "suitable for training but also designed for life outside the gym."

With the collection, American Apparel also launched an inclusive campaign called How We Play, which shows a diverse range of models, including blind Paralympic runner David Brown and curvy yoga instructor Luisa Fonseca.

The collection's styles offer a wide range of looks which will fit with just about any aesthetic, whether you're going hard at the gym or looking for a casual off-day outfit. Personally, I'm excited about the iridescent looks and the rainbow patterned bra and bottoms, which I will definitely be rocking at Pride this year.

The entire line is also super-affordable, capping out at $48, with most products priced in the $20-to-$30 range. You can shop FORWARD collection online, now.