NYFW Street Style Day 2: Go Bold, Wear Red

Photos by Charles Caesar

It’s a lifestyle

Have any of you seen Phantom Thread? If not, do so at your earliest convenience. Though it's not discussed outright, red plays a vital role in distinguishing who, in the twisted romance, has the power. Sometimes their red is as bold as a dress, sometimes it's a sock, and sometimes it's a lip that gets brushed off. Those who wear red have the upper hand. Perhaps it's because red is such a commanding color—there's really no way to be subtle with it. Wear red and the heads turn. And boy did heads turn yesterday, on the second day of New York Fashion Week. Red here, red there. It's encouraging to see all these New Yorkers flex their power in something other than black.

Missed day one's street style? No worries. We gotchu.

Photo by Charles Caesar

Slicked-up and puffed-out.