NYFW Street Style Day 6: Sunnies-Side Up

Photo by Charles Caesar

Feeling shady?

How do we feel about wearing sunglasses when it's anything but sunny outside? I, for one, have no problem with it even if my friends like to poke fun at "how dark it is" when we're, say, on the subway. To which I say, "Look at any front row of any fashion show." There aren't many guarantees during fashion week, but people wearing their sunglasses to watch a show is one. (Did I do so at the Vaquera show yesterday? Yes, mostly because a light was directly in my face, but, also, because, you know, fashion.)

Anyway, day six of NYFW practically called for sunnies. The big ball of fire in the sky decided to come out and play, teasing us with the light at the end of this wintry tunnel. It transformed the beginning of the end of NYFW into a parade of frames, tints, and enviable attitude. One more day, folks! Put your sunnies on and deal with it.

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Photo by Charles Caesar

The Pink Ladies take NYFW.