The Best Workout For Your Zodiac Sign

    Let the stars help you crush your fitness goals

    by · January 08, 2018

    Did you resolve to work out more consistently this year—again? So did we. Whether you're looking to get stronger (to beat the shit out of patriarchy once and for all) or more flexible (just to be able to reach your toes for, like I don't know, fun?) in 2018, the greatest hurdle when it comes to achieving fitness goals is being able to stick with them after January is over. Having maintained our resolutions to varying degrees over the years—and, most recently, beginning to reject making resolutions in favor of setting intentions—we decided to do what we always do in situations like this: look to the stars for guidance on how to succeed.

    Sure, picking a workout you can commit to for the next year based on your astrology sign is not all that scientific, but it's also not not scientific. (Okay, it is not scientific, but let us have this anyway!)

    Ahead, the best workouts for your zodiac sign.

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