The 7 Skin-Care Trends To Try This Spring


Bring your winter-ravaged complexions back to life

Spring may finally be upon us, but doesn’t it feel like our skin is stuck in winter?

Welp, that’s because it is. As we begin to make the transition from freezing temperatures and drying indoor heat to sunshine, sweat, and plenty of outdoor activity—there are adjustments to be made to our skin-care routine.

There’s the obvious swapping heavy moisturizers for lighter oils, serums, and—our favorite—hyaluronic acid (and don’t forget the SPF!), but that’s not always the trick to completely reawakening our face. Let’s not forget, we also have an entire season’s worth of dry, dead skin cell build-up on our face to take care of.

But, fear not! There’s plenty we can do to wake up our complexions, as well as protect it from the aggressors that come with spring. We chatted with the experts to get the low down on the latest trending ingredients and products, and why they’re so beneficial for the (hopefully) soon-to-come sunshine and warmer weather. Read on, below.

With the legalization of weed in certain states, it’s no wonder that hemp-based ingredients are making their way into the world of skin care and wellness. One ingredient to get to know is CBD, which is reknowned for its calming, anti-anxiety properties when ingested, as well as the fact that it won’t get you high. Interestingly enough, it also has a pretty positive impact on the skin. “Here in California, CBD is widely trending as a skin-healing agent, with additional benefits for mind and body as well,” says Mo Tresize, in-house holistic esthetician at Shop Good. “When used topically on the skin, CBD is effective in treating acne, nourishing the skin, and calming various inflammatory skin conditions like rosacea, eczema, or psoriasis.”

It’s basically a miracle worker, especially when the skin is dealing with the shifts from cold and dry winter to warmer weather—which typically involves sweat, sebum overproduction, and clogged pores, leading to acne and blemishes. Dr. Jenelle Kim, founder of JBK Wellness Labs and formulator at HempMeds, explains that our sebaceous glands contain endocannibinoid receptors, meaning their functions are effected by cannabinoids. "CBD can be used to affect the output of oils in the skin. Specifically, CBD inhibits the lipid production in skin cells, making it an effective preventative for acne," she says.

She goes on to explain that CBD is a more powerful antioxidant than vitamins C, E, and A or omega 3 fatty acids, protecting the skin from free radicals such as smoke, UV rays, and environmental pollutants—something we’re faced with more commonly in warmer weather.

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