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NYLON Media is one of the world's leading creators of lifestyle content for young women. With eight editions internationally, NYLON focuses on emerging culture through our original, thought-provoking storytelling around topics like beauty, fashion, entertainment, and everything in between.


In support of peacocking. In search of a more sustainable, more accessible industry. Redefining the rules. Trends, recommendations, and so much more.
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Finding the beauty in everything and everyone. Self-care, self-expression, self-exploration. The rituals that connect us; the looks that make us stand out. Products you'll love forever.
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Movies, TV, music, and books that will blow your mind and stick with you for days. Guiding you to the newest and the coolest. Helping you binge better.
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Feminism, politics, astrology, periods, sex. The stuff you care the most about. The things you'll text your friends about. Viewpoints you haven't considered from voices you haven't yet heard.
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